Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Timeline

January-December 2006: Sarah's Adoption
December 3, 2007: Found Chayah with CCAI
December 4, 2007: Filled out and faxed the preliminary application for Chayah's adoption to CCAI
December 21, 2007: Sent our LOI to China
January 11, 2008: Received our PA from China!!!!! (3 weeks!)
June 24, 2008: Dossier to China- DTC!!!!
July 3, 2008: LID- Log In Date!!!
November 13, 2008: LOA- Letter of Acceptance!!! Day 133... TA should come soon!
December 12, 2008: TA- Travel Approval! All we do now is work out our travel plans!!! Wohoo!!! Chayah is coming home SOON!!!!
January 8th-24th, 2009: Travel Dates Set! Chayah is coming home!!!!!!

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