Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Care Package, New Pictures, and an Update

When we met up with Adam (Di Di) 's new family, we gave them a few things put together as a little care package for Chayah since they are from the same orphanage. They now have Adam "Di Di"!!!! And when they got him, they were able to spend a little bit of time with Chayah and give her a few things from us! Here are the things we sent to her:

Me and the outfit we sent to Chayah- a cute size 4 pink leopard print outfit

Me and the toy we sent to Chayah- a little stuffed black labrador retriever toy that looks like our two wonderful black labs :)

Me and the picture book for Chayah

One thing that I loved about this book since the first time I saw it at Target, it has Chinese characters written on the front, I believe they say "photos", plus it is super cute and has a great fold behind each picture to prevent it from falling out.
We put Chayah's picture in the front picture so that she and the nannies would know who it was for.

The first two pages: A family picture (dogs included) , and Mom, Dad, and Sarah

Sister pictures: Rachael, Me, Sarah, and Chrissy, and Sarah and Chayah

And on the back page we put one of Mommy and Daddy :)

Now, what you really want to see... New Pictures of Chayah!!!!!!
Chayah in her new outfit from us, holding her black lab puppy toy from us, and her photo book from us! It is so hard to believe that something that was in my hands (pictures above) are now in Chayah's hands! Wow!! That is just too cool! It makes her seem much closer!

Chayah smiles :) My beautiful mei mei!

This week, our wonderful agency also gave us an update on Chayah!
Here is a little of what we know:
  • She likes to play with stuffed animals (We were right on with the black lab toy! We got it for her before we knew this!)
  • She is affectionate and likes to be held (Awww!)
  • She knows that she is going to be adopted
  • She likes girly things like dresses, hairbows, playing house (Awww!!!)
  • She likes singing (just like Sarah)
  • She likes to look at picture books
  • She has been around some pets. She likes them. (Yes! This has been one of my worries- how she will do with our two labs... I know this doesn't really tell us anything, but it helps to ease my fears)
We also received a size update on her and she is almost (to the cm) the exact size as Sarah! From the picture of her in her outfit, it looks like the 4T is fitting pretty well right now, just like Sarah!

Wow! I love this girl so much already! What I am going to do during this wait? Still no update on our paperwork. We are expecting our home study update draft to be done any day now, so that's almost done! After that, we need one particularly slow state to hurry up with a birth certificate, then get our I171H and we'll be ready for DTC (Dossier to China)!


Desiree said...

That is amazing, her smile is so precious. What a blessing to get all those updated pictures.

Lexie said...

Awww! I just loved reading every word, and looking at every picture (i am one of those people that enlarges the picture and look at every detail- and let me tell you...she is a beauty!-which i am sure you already know!) of this post!!!

SHE IS A DOLL! I can't wait to see her home with all of y'all!

The Stevens said...

What an exciting post!! Just think it will not be much longer and she will be at home!!! Great pictures!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Andrea Nielsen said...

Your mei mei is beautiful and has such a wonderful smile. It is so great to see pictures of her in what you sent! I found your blog through another and have checked in regularly to see your progress.
andrea and lillie

Annie said...

That is an awesome feeling when you see something you have held in their hands. It somehow makes them feel closer. I'm glad your friends got to spend some time with her and give you an update and pics. WHat a cutie she is!

Momma and ZZ said...

Oh, the picture of her holding your care package book grabbed my heart. She is holding on to her new family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks stunning. Can't wait until you are all together!