Sunday, July 13, 2008

The wait

Now that we have our dossier in China and logged in, the countdown officially begins! We are still estimating travel anywhere from September-November. Regardless of exactly when, it is fast approaching which I am of course thrilled beyond words for! This week, Wednesday, July 16th, Chayah will have her 6th Birthday. We had so wanted to be able to have her home by then, unrealistically, but still. Next year and way before then she will be home forever! Just a few more months of waiting and Chayah will come home. Now that our dossier is logged in we are waiting for our LOA, Letter of Acceptance, which comes right before you receive your TA, Travel Approval, stating that you can go to China and bring your child home. The wait from being logged in to LOA and TA seems to be about 3-4 months, so I think October is probably the most realistic time frame. It's coming up fast and I can't wait to finally have Chayah home!


Lexie said...

Oh Gosh, I FINALLY know what its like to wait...REALLY wait...for a Child that you know and love through pictures! And boy is it HARD!

This maybe an unrealistic thought...but MAYBE...JUST parents will get to travel with your family whenever they go get Karleigh Mei. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Too bad I won't be traveling with them!

Keri said...

Can't wait to follow this jouney! he is just lovely. I'm hoping the LOA will come sooner than you think and you will be there even earlier than you think.
BTW~I posted new pictures of Claire and the family on our blog if you have a chance to check them out. She is growing up too fast!


Thandi said...

My birthday's July 16 :)