Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Pictures of Chayah!

We sent a care package to Chayah a few weeks ago and we just received these four new pictures!
Chayah with her care package. (above)

Chayah holding the picture of her Daddy and Mommy! So sweet!

Looks like she loves her Dora doll! :) I love this picture!!

Showing her new Dora stick-on earrings. ;)

Awww!!! I am so in love with this girl!!! I absolutely adore these new pictures! She is just gorgeous and I want her home now!! Today is Day 90 and we haven't heard anything yet. Praying that she will be home for Thanksgiving!


Nikki said...

AWW, so beautiful!!

Desiree said...

She is so beautiful. Seems like forever ago that I was advicating for her at Villa Hope. I pray your LOA comes soon!!

Lexie said...

Oh she is stunning! I love those stick on earrings (and the picture that went with it!)! Every girls gotta have some of those!! :0)

Anonymous said...

She does look mighty pleased with her new Dora doll! It is so nice that your family is allowed to send care packages to her!!!

Annie said...

Isn't it so fun to see pictures of her with things you sent? It makes her seem so much closer, doesn't it?

You must be getting so impatient. I know I am impatient for you.

Anonymous said...

Come on LOA - where are you??? Chayah is just so sweet and I can't wait to see her in your arms! Praying for you like crazy in WI!!