Monday, June 2, 2008

A Second Care Package for Chayah

Sarah showing Chayah's care package

Dora Doll: a soft body doll that she can hug with long hair that comes with a brush that she can play with. For Sarah, we sent her a Carter's doll, but we thought that might be a little too babyish for a almost six year old, so we were very happy when we found this Dora doll.
Girly Stuff: necklaces with matching bracelets, hair clippies that are colorful and sparkly and will work in short hair, Dora stick on earrings and rings, and matching Dora socks.
Camera: We are sending a two pack of disposable cameras. We hope that Chayah's nannies, and even Chayah herself will be able to take pictures of things that are important to her and her life in China and then we hope to get them back and get them developed for Chayah to keep.
Things to Share: Because Chayah's orphanage is a small orphanage where the kids are so close, we also wanted to send gifts that Chayah will be able to share with her friends. They include a beach ball, two Dalmatian color books, and two soft puzzles, one Princess and the other Pooh. I'm glad we did this because in these pictures from her getting her first care package, you can see how interested all the other children look. It's sad because most of the children do not have families waiting for them, I don't want any of them feeling forgotten. I hope these are gifts that all of the kids will be able to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I just posted about China. I'd love to hear anything you could say about it. I've never been there but one of my readers is going this summer.