Friday, December 19, 2008

Consulate Appointment Confirmed

Yes!!! This is actually happening! We just received word that our Consulate Appointment has been confirmed for January 20th with the Oath on the 21st. Chayah will be HOME in just a little over a month! Mommy, Daddy, and Sarah will have Chayah in their arms so SOON! We're confirming flights right now... More to follow!
Also, Congratulations to the families that have just received their TA's this afternoon! We'll be in China at the same time!! Especially to Dawn and her family, who we traveled with in 06! I'm SO thrilled right now!!!!! :)

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Lexie said...

YA!!! I am sooo thrilled for you!!!!!! This next month is going to fly by. Hear me when I say that!! I bye!!!!!!! It feels like just the other day that we got LOA, and then TA...and now...where has the time gone?? I am sitting here with a precious wiggly thing on my lap! And so in love!!
You will have your beautiful girl before you know it! And how awesome that you are going to be there in China with a previous travel budd! Wow, only God almighty could have orchestrated that! Praise Him!