Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Mei Mei

My beautiful mei mei, Chayah! I love you, baby girl!

Chayah and her friends! They are all so cute!!

That's my happy girl!

So sweet!

We received these new pictures of Chayah and I am so thankful for them! It is always such a gift to get new pictures of her and to see her sweet face! I this this girl so much already! Our TA (Travel Approval) should be coming any day now and as soon as we can after we get it, we will be on our way to China for Chayah!


Lexie said...

Oh, she is just to precious! Love that smile of hers!!! NOT MUCH LONGER STACIE!!!!

Keri said...

So adorable. Looks like she may have a bit of Sarah Lu's in her! I hope your home is big enough for 2 big personalities!!!! Sarah Lu and her little sayings crack me up and I love her facial expressions. Soon you will be home with 2 gifts from God!