Monday, December 15, 2008

Travel Plans?

This morning has been very busily spent, trying to figure out the details of the trip. There is a possibility that we could be leaving on the 24th or 25th (what an AMAZING Christmas present!!) and returning on the 10th. Airfares are pretty high then though, from what I've seen. Any help on finding good deals would be greatly appreciated! ;) The other possibility is leaving around the 31st or the 1st and returning around the 16th. My college starts back up again on the 12th, so I am really hoping for the 1st possibility!! Another factor is that the orphanage donation is rising from the previous $3000/$3500 to $5000, starting in January. As of now, we still do not know exactly who will be traveling. Will both parents travel? Does Sarah Lu go? Does one parent and one older sister travel? Or everyone? It is getting pretty complicated! I'll update again once we know more! Chayah is coming home!!!


Jodi said...

We hope to meet y'all in Guangzhou! Just received word today that we will probably have gotcha' day Dec 29th!
Hope to meet y'all in person!

Jodi Sue :)

Annie said...

I'm glad you're getting closer to making travel plans. You must be so excited. Either way, she'll be home in a month! How awesome is that?!

Dawn said...

I am so happy for you all... this is so exciting. I am very sad we will not be there with you all this time around. No TA today. But, God's plan is greater than me.
Yes, what a Christmas present!! Can't wait to see what happens and I look forward to watching the journey of bringing your sister home!!! Whooo hoooo
In Him,

Jenn said...

(This is Lexie...not Jenn...sorry I am too lazy to switch users! :))

Can you believe this is happening!! After many many long months of is finally HERE! Wow!!! The 25th is just in 9 days!!! Girl friend, sure hope y'all are packing over there!! The last 10 days or so of waiting for my parents to travel were a blur of excitement! And what an AMAZING time to travel! My parents have LOVED IT!! And I know you will too!!! Praying that y'alls Gotcha is on the 29th so you won't have to pay that extra money! But, all in Gods timing! It works best if we hand it over to the Big Guy!!!!!!
Let the journey begin!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW- you are getting SO close!! It is so hard to work out the travel details and plans, but I will pray that you have peace and God supplies the tickets that you need! I can't wait to see pics of you with your new little sister!!

Ellie said...