Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chayah's Home!!

She's home at last!! We met them at the airport and it was so much fun! Chayah's my girl for sure!! :) She has been attached to me, literally, since we met! I am absolutely loving having her at home! She is so sweet and will just reach over, grab my hand, and kiss it! I am so in love with this girl!! She is precious and is doing so well! I am so proud of her!! She is scared of our dogs, two black lab mixes, but even since just last night, she is already so much better with them. At first, she cried when she even saw them- they were pretty scary to her! But today she has been on the ground, walking around the room at the same time they are, and even throwing a treat to them earlier. So little by little she is getting more used to them and less scared of them. She has been very happy, except when the dogs come up to her, at which point she loudly screams and wants to be picked up very fast. She is my little sister and it is so amazing that she is finally home!!!
Three big sisters, anxiously waiting to meet Chayah!

Me and my girl!

Chrissy and Chayah

Chayah, Me, Sarah, and Chrissy

Chayah, Me, (Charity hiding behind me), Faith, Sarah, Joyeaux, and Chrissy

Me and Chayah on the way home

I love her so much!

Kisses :)

Chayah coming home

Sarah coming home after a long trip, listening to jie jie's music

More kisses from Chayah

Sisters :)

With her new baby doll

Me and my little sisters!!!

Chayah, finally home!


Becki party of 5 said...

I'm smiling just looking at all the pictures. you all look SO happy. Can't wait to hear more about how Chayah is doing now that she is HOME!

bbmomof2boys said...

wow!! She looks so happy to be home at last. Congatulations - your finally have your 2 little sisters.

BTW - your hair looks great! :)


Keri said...

I don't think Chayah's smile could be any bigger! Very smart big sisters with the gifts and poster! I think I saw a Libby Lu bag in there! I bet she takes Sarah's lead and warms up to the dogs very soon. So glad the whole family is home and happy.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Chayah!
And what a smile she has!

I LOVE all those sister pictures. All 5 of you are beautiful and your parents are BLESSED!!!!


Annie said...

I always love homecoming pictures, but these ones are particularly priceless. Chayah just glows. She looks like she's been home forever. Enjoy each other!

Lexie said...

Oh! You must be such a happy big sis!! I know the feeling...its so unreal right?! She is finally HOME...where she belongs!!! Loved the pictures. What a sweetie she is. And oh my word GORGEOUS!

Can't wait to here how she is doing in her new HOME!
Praise HIM!