Tuesday, January 13, 2009


  • They went out to dinner on Gotcha Day and in the bathroom were flush toilets. It was a very funny thing that the toilet flushed and so mom and the girls stayed in there for a little while, just flushing the toilet and giggling. ;)
  • Chayah is little! She is a head shorter than Sarah. Sarah, at four years old, is wearing sizes 4 and 5 now, with about a size 8 1/2 shoe. Chayah, at six years old, fits into size 3 pants and size 4 shirts. Her feet are also itty bitty, fitting into a size 6 or 7 shoe!
  • Chayah likes her new name- "Chayah"
  • On Adoption Day(Monday the 12th), they started out in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. They had to go back to Langfang to apply for her passport and then into Beijing to stay until Saturday. It was alot of driving and they ended up not getting to eat dinner til 8pm. Chayah got sick and threw up. She said goodbye to her nanny and there were lots of tears.
  • We talked to them on webcam last night here, which was Tuesday morning for them. She came up to talk to us at first with mommy, but then decided that running around the lobby (that's where they are getting an internet connection) with Sarah was much more fun! Before we got off though, she came over with daddy and played with us through the webcam. We had our first sister-bonding moment with sticking out our tongues and making funny faces. She is a silly girl!!


Keri said...

I could tell that Chayah was tiny. She is so pretty too! Sounds like Sarah and Claire are pretty close to the same size except Claire wears a size 10 shoe! You may have trouble getting people to believe that Sarah is the Mei Mei! My cousins were like that and there was almost 4 years between them. Sounds like the girls are bonding quickly and I know you can't wait to get your arms around both of them!


Becki party of 5 said...

I love seeing the pictures and hearing the updates. Chayah is just adorable, and it looks like Sarah is loving her new sister!
(I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it kicked me out....)
congrats to everyone!

Lexie said...

Oh she is just beautifuL!! And WOW is she tiny!! I was thinking that whenever I saw the pictures yesterday...but thought SURELY Sarah must have been standing on something...or SOMETHING!!! But, WOW!!! She is not must bigger than my little girl! WHO IS 3 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER! You have got a peanut on your hands!
It will be like me and my sister...i was always the "Big little sister". I passed her up in height at like 12. Lol!

Dawn said...

Hey guys!!!!!!
OH, I am sooooo excited. She looks soooooo happy!!! Whoooo hooooo, praise God...
Can't wait to see them in Guangzhou.
Thanks for sharing!!!!
Love and Prayers,

Monica said...

She'll grow quickly now that you have her. Reese has gained roughly 14 lbs and roughly 6 inches in the almost 20 months we've had her. She's gone from wearing 18 mos and 24 mos. and 2T clothes, and a size 4/5 shoe at 2.5 years to 4T and 5T and size 8 shoes at 4.

She'll catch up, and probably pass Sarah soon enough. Glad she's adapting well.


Christi and Abbey said...

So great to know that they are all together. I am sure she will be eating and growing plenty now that she is with you all. Glad you are able to Skype!