Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Miracle of Adoption

As I was laying in bed, I started thinking about my parents and Sarah in China. They are in Beijing and it is 5pm on Saturday, Jan. 10th. Suddenly, I realized that in a few hours when Chayah goes to sleep for the night, it will be her last night at the orphanage. Tomorrow (Saturday night, my time- Sunday morning, China time), Chayah will be in my parents arms and reunited with Sarah. After all of the waiting that we have been through, finally, in practically just a few hours, Chayah will finally be with our family! It blows me away to think about this, because, it shows me a glimpse into God's beautiful miracle of adoption! Chayah is now six years old. I do not know what her thoughts on having a family have been her whole life, but I do know that she has watched the babies (Sarah Lu, for example) be adopted, while the older children remain in the orphanage. I do not know how our "gotcha" moment will be, whether it will be hard on everyone or a smooth and easy transition, but I do know that God has placed Chayah in our family. In just a few short hours, all of the waiting will be over and Chayah will be with her mommy annd daddy and mei mei, Sarah! Of course, I still have to wait a little longer until a day coming up at the airport, but Chayah's wait for her family will be over and our wait for Chayah will be completed.

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Lexie said...

Isn't it amazing how God works!?!?! I am so happy that God called y'alls family to adopt this beautiful baby girl! She is still so young and innocent but at the same time she will be able to grasp what is will be amazing to see how she reacts to a forever family!!! If God ever calls my family to adopt again...I think I would be rooting for an older child! ;)
I can't wait!! Keep us updated (I know you will! :) )