Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just got off the phone with my parents and Sarah Lu. They are at the airport and were called to board the plane! Sarah was so sweet on the phone!! When they gave the phone to Sarah, I said, "Hi Sarah! Where are you?" (seeing if she would tell me about the airport and what she thought of it) and she said, "I'm on your head!" and then a moment later, "I was just playing a joke on you." Yep, that's my Sarah! She's a silly girl!! I am going to miss her so much for the next two weeks!!! I asked her if she thought the plane was big (cause she could see it out the window) and she said, "No... it's small, they're all small.. But it's actually big!". She was enjoying chocolate milk and a cinnamon bun. :) They're leaving from the same gate that we left in for Sarah's adoption, so I can imagine just what everything looks like. I miss that time, but this is so amazing and I cannot wait until the 24th when both of my sweet mei mei's will be home with me!! I made them promise that they would write to me as soon as they could in Beijing, so until then, they're flying on their way! :)

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