Sunday, January 18, 2009


At the Beijing airport

The Pearl River

Mom, Chayah, and Sarah looking out on the Pearl River

Dinner at Lucy's

They made it safely to Guangzhou and are now staying at the White Swan Hotel. Chayah had her first can of pop (Orange Sunkist) and was treasuring it! They got the Going Home Barbie-- Something that I have been dying for us to get. Yesterday they went to the Guangzhou Zoo. Today they had Chayah's medical exam. We talked to them on skype just a little while ago and they were heading out to the Liu Hua Park- it is so beautiful and we had a great time there on our last trip.


Keri said...

I doubt Chayah could smile any bigger! Such a beauty. Hopefully the smile has more to do with her wonderful new family and only a tiny bit to do with the Orange Sunkist!;o


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of your 2 dancing girls!!!! They are just beautiful! And congrats on the Going Home Barbie~ so wish we had gotten one this last time. :)